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30.06.2017 Free shipping on STEM toys & Hobbies! Promo extended. Enjoy our exclusive offer – free shipping on STEM Toys & Hobbies! No minimum order! 23.02.2017 Using the Secondary Measurement Function of a DM3058 DMM This article describes how you can use the secondary measurement function of a DM3058 digital multimeter.
30.06.2017 New Products in Security Systems Category Meet new products in the Security systems category. 20.02.2017 Test Solution for Remote Control Module Production Line The article describes some specific features of testing remote control module production line
13.06.2017 Double Benefit while Buying Fiber Optic Equipment! Get the discount and the free shipping when you buy high-quality Fiber Optic Equipment. 17.02.2017 Test solution for LED industry In this article, you will learn about testing systems and measurement instruments used in the LED lamps design, development, manufacture and operation.
30.05.2017 Free shipping on STEM toys & Hobbies! Enjoy our exclusive offer – free shipping on STEM Toys & Hobbies! No minimum order! 30.12.2016 What Is the Difference Between SMART LED Strips and Regular RGB Strips In this article we will try to explain what are the main differences between SMART and regular RGB LED strips.
13.04.2017 Have a Blessed and Happy Easter! ToolBoom team wishes to share the joy of this warm and wonderful holiday with our best friends. 12.12.2016 UNI-T UT505A Insulation Resistance Meter Video Review The video demonstrates the review of handheld insulation resistance tester with multimeter functions (measuring resistance up to 20.0GΩ and voltage up to 1000 V).
About ToolBoom

ToolBoom is a worldwide online store offering a wide range of tools and equipment for repair and maintenance of modern electronic devices. We serve customers all over the globe, including service centers and repair workshops, experts in the fields of electronics, telecommunications, local network service and maintenance, electrical installation, etc.

Our product range comprises:

  • Measuring & Test Equipment
  • Soldering Equipment
  • Fiber Optic Equipment & Tools
  • Network Tools & Equipment
  • Ultrasonic Cleaners
  • Power Supply Units
  • Hand Tools & Tool Kits
  • Power Tools
  • Consumables, Accessories, Replacement & Spare Parts

We are a team of professionals with 10 years of experience in selling products of the most popular brands. Due to the direct cooperation with the manufacturers we have managed to provide our customers with the most up-to-date goods and solutions while keeping the price competitive. ToolBoom web store offers a variety of modern leading brands: Uni-T, Siglent, Pro'sKit, Jovy Systems, Fujikura, Goot, Rigol, ATTEN, Lukey, AOYUE, Jeken, etc. We have been granted an official status of an authorized distributor for 95% of goods presented in our web-catalogue.

ToolBoom webpage users are welcome to have a look at the reviews, articles and videos prepared by the technical experts of our web store. There you may find the required information about the manufacturers of the products from our product range, about the technical specifications, features, comparative characteristics and practical usage of different tools and equipment we offer. Our customers may also benefit from the promo campaigns and sales the store runs repeatedly, as well as the constant free shipping offer.

The equipment offered will meet the requirements of different fields starting from household applications and finishing with high-tech industrial and laboratory usage, as well as service and maintenance of complicated mechanical and electronic systems. Electronics repair technicians can buy soldering equipment and test equipment of different price categories to meet their needs. LAN engineers are offered a variety of network tools and fiber optic equipment for on-site installation and maintenance of different types of communication networks. We also offer plenty of multi-purpose hand tools and power tools for small repair works.

Bonus advantage: the store offers ultimate bundles – the sets of necessary equipment, accessories and consumables meeting the customer's needs. These efficient all-in-one solutions help you start new business or succeed in developing the existing one and save 10% with a discount for a bundle offer.

Enjoy our service and 24/6 multilingual sales and technical support – you're always welcome!

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