17.09.2014|Articles & Video

Codyson CE-7200A Ultrasonic Cleaner Video Review. What is cavitation?

Our first review of the ultrasonic equipment, which also contains information about the nature of the cleaning process and reveals the concept of ultrasound cavitation, as a major component of the process of ultrasonic cleaning.

In this video, you'll learn about the cavitation process, which is used for ultrasonic cleaning. In addition, we will discuss the Codyson CE-7200A - a powerful ultrasonic cleaner with 2.5-liter container, 120 Watt power, which can be used for professional cleaning of a variety of items.

How to clean with the ultrasound? What is cavitation? How to use an ultrasonic cleaner? – The answers to these questions can be found in our video!

Codyson CE-7200A Main Advantages:

  • Lengthened stainless steel tank – suitable for cleaning long items.
  • Stronger transducer – two 60 W high-power transducers to get better cleaning effect.
  • 5 digital timer cycles for choosing different cleaning time.
  • 5 selectable heater temperatures for safe and stable heating function, temperature setting.
  • 5 selectable ultrasonic power modes for power setting.
  • Radiator fan to protect the device during long operation.
  • Wet-proof PCB for use in labs.
  • Industrial IC for steady operation in unstable voltage conditions.
  • Strong plastic housing with better water-proof and drop-proof capability.
  • Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS, PSE.
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