CIC 21-752 Salt Water Fuel Cell Monster Truck

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CIC 21-752 Short Review: Kit for assembling a monster-truck powered by eco-friendly salt water fuel cell.

CIC salt water fuel cell monster truck is a set for assembling of a four-wheeled off-road monster truck that is able to conquer any terrain. The engine runs on salt water energy. Transparent case design allows you to see how the engine works. Each single wheel can be adjusted by the angle individually. Change the car to a different height and shape, also enjoy the great fun for its unique way of moving. The vehicle has permanent four-wheel drive. To prepare the solution salt should be added to water at a ratio of 5:1. The proportion of salts in a solution can vary from 20% to 99%, but the most effective is considered a 20% one. The solution provides 15 minutes of the truck constant work. After that the monster truck will start to move slowly or stop. Add a few drops of salt water to re-start it. The kit includes three magnesium refill plates. Each plate can continuously work for 4 hours and then it becomes fragmented. Change the plate to a new one, so the vehicle can be started again.
It is suitable for studying, hobbies as an interior decoration and as a skill developing game.


  • Powered by a salt water fuel cell
  • Each single wheel can be adjusted by the angle individually
  • Permanent four-wheel drive
  • Transparent case design allows you to see the work of the piston in vertical or horizontal direction
  • The truck can move forward or backwards depending on connection of positive and negative contacts
  • Suitable for users aged 10 years and older.

Technical specifications

Output voltage 1.5 V
Package size, L × W × H 180 × 70 × 210


Package contents

  • CIC salt water fuel cell monster truck (disassembled parts)
  • Refill salt water fuel cell – 3 pcs.
  • User guide – 1 pc.

Spare Fuel Cell

Fuel cell magnesium refill pack SP752 for CIC 21-752 monster truck

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