CIC 21-535N Wired Control Robot Arm

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CIC 21-535N Short Review: Assemble a robotic arm that can lift and transfer objects up to 100 grams.

CIC 21-535N is a self-assembly kit that offers to build a robotic arm. This robot is able to lift up to 100 grams of weight and carry objects.

It can be used for studying, in hobbies, as an interior decoration or a skill developing game.


  • Powered by an accumulator cell.
  • Maximum lift – 100 g.
  • 5 joint and 5 separate motors for optimum control.
  • Built-in searchlight and accumulator cell make it possible for the robot to be used at night.
  • Joystick for convenient control of gripper opening/closure, tilting motion, base rotation and searchlight on the gripper.
  • Easy-to-assemble and does not require soldering.
  • Suitable for users over 13 years.

Technical specifications

Lifting capacity 100 g
Horizontal reach 320 mm
Vertical reach 380 mm
Base rotation range 270 °
Base motion range 180 °
Extensive elbow range 300 °
Wrist motion range 120 °
Power 4 batteries "D" type (not included)
Size, L × W × H 228 × 160 × 381 mm
Package size, L × W × H 400 × 290 × 90 mm
Weight 658 g


Package contents

  • CIC wired control robot arm (disassembled parts)
  • User guide — 1 pc.

Required accessories

Tools needed for assembling the robot:

  • Diagonal pliers
  • Screwdriver

Power elements for device launch:

  • 4 batteries "D" type (sold separately)

Additional information

Warning: this DIY construction set contains small parts.

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