Developement and Testing Set

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RIGOL Short Review: To develop and test instruments and devices you will need equipment such as a digital oscilloscope, arbitrary waveform/function generator and multimeter. We recommend the following models: RIGOL DS1104Z oscilloscope, RIGOL DM3058E multimeter and a RIGOL DG4102 function/arbitary waveform generator. When choosing these particular models you will get a 10% discount!

Developement and Testing Set

Developement and Testing Equipment Set includes a digital oscilloscope, a digital multimeter and a function/arbitary waveform generator. The kit will be useful for engineers, scientists, researchers. You may use this kit for precision electrical parameters measuring, waveform modelling and signal control.


  • Engineering
  • PCB modelling
  • Electronic device troubleshooting
  • Precision medical equipment troubleshooting
  • Equipment diagnostics
  • Research & development
  • Education & training
  • Precision electronic parameters measurements and tests:
    • AC/DC voltage measurement;
    • AC/DC current measurement;
    • resistance measurement (2 and 4 wire);
    • capacitance measurement;
    • frequency measurement;
    • temperature measurement;
    • diode test.
  • Arbitrary waveform generation
  • Amplitude, frequency, etc. modulation
  • Digital signal control
  • Analog signal control
  • Video signal control

Package Contents

1. RIGOL DS1104Z is a four-channel digital oscilloscope with 100 MHz bandwidth, 1 GSa/s real-time sample rate, 7" display and up to 30,000 waveforms/sec capture rate.

2. RIGOL DM3058E is a high precision, cost effective, 5 ½ digit bench type digital multimeter for measuring AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance (2 and 4 wire), capacitance, frequency, temperature, and performing diode test.

3. RIGOL DG4102 is a dual-channel function/arbitary waveform generator, with 100 MHz frequency, 500 MS/s sample rate, 14 bits vertical resolution, 16 K waveform length, and modulation functions: AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK, BPSK, QPSK, 3FSK, 4FSK, OSK, PWM.

Data Sheet

Download Data Sheet.


Rigol DS1000Z Series Digital Oscilloscopes

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