Digital Multimeter MASTECH MS8268

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MASTECH MS8268 Short Review: High-precision measurement. Digit capacity - 3999. Relative measurement mode (REL). Automatic power off. Self-repair safety device

Digital multimeter Mastech MS8268 supports relative measurement mode (REL). This device meets the IEC1010-1 CAT II 1000V/ CAT III 600V requirements. Digital multimeter Mastech MS8268 is equipped with 3¾-digits illuminated LCD with 3999 counts maximum value. The multimeter is supplied with self-repair safety device for overload breaking and short circuit protection.


Technical Specifications

Counts 3999
DC voltage  400 mV/4/40/400 V ±0.7%, 1000 V ±0.8%
AC voltage 400 mV/4/40/400 V ±0.8%, 750V ±1.0%
DC current  4/40/400 mA ±1.2%, 10 A ±2.0%
AC current  4/40 mA/400 mA ±1.5%, 10 A ±3.0%
Frequency 10/100/1000 Hz/10/200 kHz ±2.0%
Resistance 400Ω /4/400kΩ /4MΩ ±1.2% 40MΩ ±2.0%
Transistors current gain rate up to 1000
Capacitance 4nF ±5.0%, 40/400 nF/4/40/200 mF ±3.0%
Diode, transistor test yes
Data Hold yes
Display illumination yes
Power source AAA (1.5 V) × 3
Dimensions 195 × 92 × 55 mm

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