Digital Multimeter Pro'sKit 3PK-8205C

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Pro'sKit 3PK-8205C Short Review: High measuring accuracy. 38 graphic segments. Automatic ranging. Automatic shutdown. Error signal. Illumination.

Digital multimeter  Pro'sKit 3PK – 8205C with automatic ranging provides high measurement accuracy. Automatic shutdown. Error signal. Display illumination.


Technical specifications

Ranging automatic/manual
Counts 3999
DC voltage   4/40/400 V ±0.7% 1000 V ±1.0% 
AC voltage  4/40/400 V ±1.2% 1000 V ±1.5% 
DC current   4/40/400 mA ±1.2% 10 A ±2.0% 
AC current   4/40/400 mA ±1.5% 10 A ±3.0% 
Resistance 400 Ω/4/400 kΩ/4 MΩ ±1.2% 40 MΩ ±3.0%
Temperature measurement range t°C -20~0 °C ±5.0% 0~400 °C/400~1000 °C ±3.0%
Capacitance 4 n/400 nF±4.0%
Conductivity wire identification yes
Diode, transistor test yes
Automatic power-off yes
Data Hold yes
Charge battery indication yes
Display illumination yes
Power source 6 F22 (9 V)
Dimensions 191 × 82 × 36 mm

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