UNI-T UTM 171A (UT71A):

Digital Multimeter UNI-T UT71A

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UNI-T UTM 171A (UT71A) Short Review: Digital multimeter for measuring AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, as well as diode and continuity tests. Data hold, peak hold, auto ranging, relative measurements.

UNI-T UT71A Digital Multimeter is a high-quality multifunction pocket digital multimeter. This convenient portable device is powered from a 9 V battery. UNI-T UT71A multimeter is characterized by multiple measurements (voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, frequency) and tests (diode, continuity) and data hold function, peak hold function, auto ranging, relative measurements mode, analog bar graph, etc.

UNI-T UT71A Digital Multimeter Features

  • Compact and lightweight pocket-size device.
  • LCD display with double backlight.
  • Auto ranging.
  • Data hold function.
  • Peak hold function.
  • Relative measurements mode (REL).
  • Max/Min mode.
  • True RMS.
  • Analog bar graph.
  • Multiple measurements:
    • AC voltage.
    • DC voltage.
    • AC current.
    • DC current.
    • Resistance.
    • Capacitance.
    • Frequency.
    • Diode testing.
    • Continuity test.
  • Fused 10 A range.
  • Sleep mode.
  • Continuity buzzer.
  • Battery power.
  • Low battery display.
  • Interface: USB.
  • Easy to connect and operate.
  • Electrical safety: EN61010-1, CATII600V/CATI1000V.


UNI-T UT71A Digital Multimeter Technical Specifications

Function Range Accuracy
DC Voltage 200 mV/2 V/20 V/200 V/1000 V ±(0.1%+8)
AC Voltage 2 V/20 V/200 V/1000 V ±(0.8%+40)
DC Current 200 µA/2000 µA/20 mA/200 mA/10 A ±(0.2%+20)
AC Current 200 µA/2000 µA/20 mA/200 mA/10 A ±(1%+15)
AC Bandwidh 100 kHz
Resistance 200 Ω/2 kΩ/20 kΩ/200 kΩ/2 MΩ/20 MΩ ±(0.5%+20)
Capacitance 20 nF/200 nF/2 µF/20 µF/200 µF/2 mF/20 mF ±(1.5%+20)
Frequency 20 Hz/200 Hz/2 kHz/20 kHz/200 kHz/2 MHz/20 MHz/200 MHz ±(0.1%+15)
Duty Cycle 10% ~ 90% ±(1%+30)
4 ~ 20 mA loop 0% ~ 100% ±(1%+50)
Imput Impedance for DC Voltage Measurement ~ 10 MΩ; DC 200 mV: ~ 2.5 GΩ
General Characteristics
Power 9 V Battery (NEDA 1604, 6F22, 006P)
Display LCD, 50 × 73 mm
Size 200 × 93 × 40 mm
Weight 384 g

UNI-T UT71A Digital Multimeter User Manual

Download UNI-T UT71A Digital Multimeter User Manual.

UNI-T UT71A Digital Multimeter Sofware

Download UNI-T UT71A Digital Multimeter Sofware.

UNI-T UT71A Digital Multimeter Package Contents

  • UNI-T UT71A digital multimeter unit (1 pc.)
  • Test leads (2 pcs.)
  • Battery (1 pc.)
  • USB interface cable (1 pc.)
  • CD with Installation Guide & Computer Software (1 pc.)
  • User manual (1 pc.)
  • Carrying bag (1 pc.)

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