Digital Pocket Scale CS-53-II (300g/0.05g)

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Code: 819372
Weight: 0.15 kg
Warranty: 6 month
Availability in stock: HKEUCN

CS CS-53-II Short Review: Digital pocket scale with max. 300g/0.05g , multiple weighing units, backlight LCD and calibration option.

The digital pocket scale has max. 300g capacity, resolution 0.05g, multiple weighing units, backlight LCD and calibration option.

CS-53-II Digital Pocket Scale Technical Specifications

Capacity 300g/10.59oz/9.65ozt/192.9dwt/6500ct
Resolution 0.05g/0.0005oz/0.0005ozt/0.01dwt/0.05ct
Units g /oz /ozt/dwt/ct
Display 5 digit touchscreen LCD
Platform Dimensions, mm 73 × 64
Scale Dimensions, mm 88 × 99 × 19
Weight, g 120

1 oz = 28.3495231 g
1 ozt = 31.1034768 g
1 dwt = 1.55517384 g
1 ct = 0.2 g

CS-53-II Digital Pocket Scale Package contains

  • Scale
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Case
  • Operation manual

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