Electrician's Scissors Pro'skit DK-2047N

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Weight: 0.112 kg
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Pro'sKit DK-2047N Short Review: Designed for cutting and stripping telephone and electrical cables.

Electrician's Scissors Pro'skit DK-2047N designed for telephone and electrical service applications.

Electrician's Scissors Pro'skit DK-2047N Specifications

  • Double stripping notches strip 19 and 23 AWG wire
  • Cut up to 16 AWG solid wire and 12 AWG stranded wire
  • Scraper and file on side edge of the blade
  • Cut length: 47 mm
  • Blade material: AISI 420
  • Handle material: nylon + fiber
  • Overall length: 145 mm
  • Individual packing: blister card

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