Electronics Repair Tool Kit Pro'sKit PK-9112

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Pro'sKit PK-9112 Short Review: The kit includes opening and prying tools, tweezers, a screwdriver with dit set and more. Used for disassembling smartphones, tablets, notebooks, game consoles, cameras.

Pro'sKit PK-9112 is a complete set of tools for disassembling smartphones, tablets, notebooks, game consoles, cameras and other electronic devices of popular brands such as Apple, HTC, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sega and more.


  • Opening tools for safe device disassembling.
  • Pentalobe bits (P2, P5, P6) for Apple products (iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro).
  • Tri-wing bits (TRI0, TRI1) for Nintendo game consoles.
  • Triangle bit (TA3) for "Happy Meal" toys.
  • Torx plus sockets (TS3.8, TS4.5) for Nintendo, Sony, Sega products.

Technical Specifications

Opening and prying tools Prying Paddle 30.5×30.5×30.5 mm
Opening Lever (POM) 88.7 mm
Opening Lever (POM) 84.4 mm
Suction Cup Φ36 mm
Point-blade soldering aid tool 155 mm
Spudger  soldering aid tool 140 mm
Fork-blade soldering aid tool 173 mm
Double-end metal spudger  185 mm
Metal spudger tool 123×12 mm
Tweezers Super fine tip straight tweezers 120.5 mm
Fine tip curved tweezers 120.5 mm
Super fine tip straight tweezers 140.5 mm
Static protection tools Wrist strap 10 ft
Ruler 6"
Precision Knife  
Driver Kits Screwdriver with Bit Set Pro'sKit SD-9828
Tool bag 233×150×55 mm

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