Fiber Optic Cleaver Fujikura CT-30A

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Fujikura CT-30A Short Review: Automatic precision fiber optic cleaver for operation with all types of fusion splicers. One-step cleaving, auto fiber scrap collecting.

Fujikura CT-30A automatic fiber optic cleaver is a multipurpose precision cleaver for operation with all types of fusion splicers. The device performs cleaving in one step and automatically drags fiber scrap into a container.

Fujikura CT-30A cleaves fiber using a special CB-16 blade made of highly durable steel. Each blade position is meant for performing at least 1000 cleaving operations. The blade may be rotated and fixed in 16 different positions. Besides, its height may be adjusted in three different positions. Thus, overall blade lifetime is 48 000 operations. It may be replaced in case of need.

Fujikura CT-30A precision fiber optic cleaver is suitable for operation under restricted space conditions, as it requires no flat surface placement, which enables operation while holding the device in ones hands.


  • Applicable for operation with all types of splicers.
  • Minimum actions: cleavering in one step.
  • Highly durable blade.
  • Blade lifetime – 48 000 operations.
  • Auto blade orientation adjustment.
  • Fiber scrap container available.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Requires no flat surface.


Technical Specifications

Applicable fibers Conventional silica single fiber or fiber ribbon
Fiber diameter 125 µm
Fiber coating diameter 250 & 900 µm
Cleaving angle 0,5° (for single fiber)
Min. blade lifetime 48 000 operations (1000 fibers х 16 positions х 3 height positions)
Fiber cleaving length 6-20 mm (coating 250 µm) (for single fiber)
10-20 mm (coating 900 µm) (for single fiber)
10 mm (for fiber ribbon)
Dimensions 69 х 82 х 41 mm
Weight 180 g

Package Contents

  • Fujikura CT-30A Fiber Optic Cleaver Unit (1 pc.)
  • Fiber plate AD-30A (1 pc.)
  • Side cover SC-01 (1 pc.)
  • Fiber scrap containers:
    • Compact fiber scrap container FDB-02 (1 pc.)
    • Large fiber scrap container FDB-03 (1 pc.)
  • Mini hexagonal wrench HEX-01 (1 pc.)
  • Case CC-21 (1 pc.)
  • User manual (1 pc.)

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