Fiber Optic Networks Repair and Maintenance Set

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Short Review: For electronics repair you will need equipment such as a fusion splicer, optical time domain reflectometer, visual fault locator, fiber launch cable box and fiber optic tool kit. We recommend the following models: DVP-730 fusion splicer, DVP-322 optical time domain reflectometer, ORIENTEK T10 visual fault locator and a Pro'sKit 1PK-940KN tool kit. When choosing these particular models you will get a 10% discount!

Fiber Optic Networks Repair and Maintenance Set

Fiber Optic Network Repair and Maintenance Equipment Set includes a fusion splicer, an optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR), a visual fault locator (VFL) and a fiber launch cable box, as well as additional hand tools (optical fiber stripper, cleaver, crimper). The set is used by fiber optic network repair engineers and technicians.

DVP fusion splicer, DVP OTDR, ORIENTEK visual fault locator, fiber launch cable box and a set of fiber optic tools in one kit ensure high-quality fiber optic network troubleshooting, fiber state assessment, fiber parameters evaluation, as well as conducting fiber optic repair operations. This combination of measurement and test devices, splicing equipment and hand tools is a basis for fiber optic tracing and identification, length measurement, continuity testing, connector loss assessment, as well as optical fiber splicing, cleaving, stripping and crimping.


  • Fiber optic networks installation
  • Fiber optic splicing
  • Fiber optic cleaving
  • Fiber optic stripping
  • Fiber optic crimping
  • Fiber optic length assessment
  • Fiber optic overall attenuation assessment
  • Fiber optic splice and mated connector losses assessment
  • Fiber optic tracing and identification
  • Fiber optic end-to-end continuity testing
  • Fiber optic troubleshooting: sharp bends, breaks and damages location

Package Contents

1. DVP-730 is a fusion splicer (Fujikura FSM-50S analogue). Capable of field fiber splicing of any fiber optic cable. Comes with a kit of miscellaneous tools and accessories, long battery life and both side operation option.

2. DVP-322 is a optical time domain reflectometer designed to assess the length of the fiber and its overall attenuation together with splice and mated connector losses. 5 m to 160 km distance range, 5 ns to 20 μs pulse width.

3. ORIENTEK T10 is a pocket size visual fault locator designed for tracing optical fibers, checking the fiber continuity, and troubleshooting (breaks, bad splices, and tight bends) in fiber optic cables: single-mode (> 7 km) and multimode (> 5 km).

4. Fiber Launch Cable Box used with optical time domain reflectometers (OTDRs) to help minimize the effects of the OTDRs launch pulse on measurement uncertainty.

5. Pro'sKit 1PK-940KN is a fiber optic tool kit which comes with 11 different tools.


DVP-730 Fusion Splicer

ORIENTEK T10 Visual Faut Locator

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