Hand Tools: Pro'sKit

Pro'sKit: Hand tools which are presented in our catalog: screwdrivers, precision pliers, long nose pliers, crimping tools, strippers, combination and adjustable wrenches, tweezers, knives, needles, scissors, vices, hex keys and many more instruments.
ID: 865494
A spring assisted chip carrier extraction tool, specially designed for the safe removal of PLCC's from sockets without damage to component parts. Individual packing: blister card.
ID: 4967
2 Pcs economic type tweezer with insulated coating handle. Non-magnetic.
ID: 9499
Jaw opening 40 mm; width 60 mm; clamps to any surface up to 1.1"/28 mm. Light weight and durable device.
ID: 5926
Non-magnetic. Material: AISI304. OAL: 120 mm.
ID: 4965
Non-magnetic. Material AISI304. OAL: 120 mm.
ID: 842589
Precision knife set (13 blades) for various applications.
ID: 5894
Lightweight, portable and suitable for the picking and placing small components weighing up to 50 gram and having a flat surface, dilly packages and surface mount components, etc.
ID: 823582
Added strength and durability, super sharp. 23 blades, tweezer and grindstone.
ID: 4848
This kit contains specialized tools you need for soldering. Assisting rods for P.C.BOARD soldering work.
ID: 4966
Magnetic. Material: AISI410. OAL: 200 mm.
ID: 4842
Application: copper wire 1.3 mm.
ID: 5923
4 pcs stainless steel single-ended probe that can be used for all kinds of precision work in electronics. Straight, angle, hook and curved tips. Packed in a vinyl pouch.
ID: 9152
Designed for electronics and other high-voltage equipment.
ID: 5947
Desoldering pump with suction capability 30 cm-Hg. The pump is made of ABS plastic.
ID: 5945
Magnetic. With fiber handle. Material AISI410. OAL: 160 mm.
ID: 5765
This kit contains specialized tools you need for soldering: Assisting rods for P.C.BOARD soldering work. Individual Packing: Blister card.
ID: 811329
material: aluminium; swivels 360° and tilts 90°
ID: 5822
This kit comprises of the specialized tools you need for soldering: a heat sink to protect your heat-sensitive devices, knife and brush, scraper and hook, fork and spike.
ID: 10957
Application: copper wire up to 1.3 mm.
ID: 816353
Magnetic tool for convenient gripping and holding of small components.
ID: 8940
Telcom crimping tool for Western connectors (RJ10, RJ11/12, RJ 45) with ratchet mechanism. Material: S45C steel.
ID: 813084
Extra-large curved slitting blade (length: 60 mm) made of 2Cr13 stainless steel.
ID: 816356
Designed for cutting and stripping telephone and electrical cables.
ID: 830263
Long nose pliers are specially designed for bending wires which are located in hard to reach areas.
ID: 7423
OAL.: 165 mm. Material S60C
ID: 844547
Universal stripper for 3.1x2.0 mm FTTx drop cables with steel wire. Made of zinc alloy steel with PVC non-slip handle.
ID: 9138
8 Piece Set. This tool kit is essential for working with hi-voltage electrical items. Supplied in an zipped tool bag.
ID: 10894
ID: 7422
OAL.: 200 mm. Material S60C
ID: 9136
Pro-Crimper ProsKit CP-373 designed to crimp 4P/6P/8P (RJ45, RJ22, RJ11,RJ12) connectors
ID: 5905
4 Different style stainless steel tweezers for every need. Includes one self-locking; ideal for picking up small components in hard to reach places, as well as component assembly one pc prototype boards. Non-magnetic
ID: 829802
Ideal for small work, such as soldering, hobby, craft, items modeling and more.
ID: 836310
Bent antistatic tweezers with a precise tip (120.5 mm).
ID: 833266
Tool kit including tools with interchangeable dies for easy and convenient coaxial cable crimping. The tools are fixed inside a plastic carrying case.
ID: 10893
Designed for positioning and holding the cylindrical SMD components during the soldering and desoldering process. OAL: 115 mm.
ID: 4843
Heavy duty micro cutting pliers (120 mm) for cutting copper wire up to 2.0 mm.
ID: 5811
The sharp edge with ease cuts elements from plastic. 10 pcs set.
ID: 5809
Surgically sharp knives with high impact plastic safety cap
ID: 833041
Crimper designed for solar cables and connectors. Made of carbon steel.
ID: 861898
Completely insulated tip, testing voltages from 110 to 250 V AC, flat screwdriver.
ID: 836312
Straight antistatic tweezers with a precise tip (129 mm).
ID: 9120
For positioning 5 mm monolithic chip capacitors at 60° angle. Grooved tips, 4-3/4" long (120 mm). Non-magnetic.
ID: 5804
Application: Copper 1.3mm
ID: 816339
Meets all industry requirements for connecting cables up to Cat 6 to 110, Krone, PANASONIC and 66 punch down blocks.
ID: 5922
Extreme performance light weight designed. Reduced effort. Longer working without fatigue, 2 models are available. Material Titanium.
ID: 8928
Insulated Tweezers Pro'sKit 1PK-101T. OAL: 120 mm.
ID: 5783
Magnetic end-hook for convenient measuring. Blade with Nylon coating for easy scale reading and avoiding light reflection. Anti-slip and shockproof rubber case.
ID: 5754
All blades made of high carbon tool steel SK-5. Blade thickness: 0.5mm.

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