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Hand tools which are presented in our catalog: screwdrivers, precision pliers, long nose pliers, crimping tools, strippers, combination and adjustable wrenches, tweezers, knives, needles, scissors, vices, hex keys and many more instruments.
ID: 832890
Professional kit consisting of 10 tools for fast and convenient trim panel and car interior elements removal (dashboard items, radios, door cards, moldings, etc). Inlcudes stainless steel tool with pry bar for clips removal.
ID: 5905
4 Different style stainless steel tweezers for every need. Includes one self-locking; ideal for picking up small components in hard to reach places, as well as component assembly one pc prototype boards. Non-magnetic
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ID: 829802
Ideal for small work, such as soldering, hobby, craft, items modeling and more.
ID: 836310
Bent antistatic tweezers with a precise tip (120.5 mm).
ID: 833266
Tool kit including tools with interchangeable dies for easy and convenient coaxial cable crimping. The tools are fixed inside a plastic carrying case.
ID: 10893
Designed for positioning and holding the cylindrical SMD components during the soldering and desoldering process. OAL: 115 mm.
ID: 4843
Heavy duty micro cutting pliers (120 mm) for cutting copper wire up to 2.0 mm.
ID: 5811
The sharp edge with ease cuts elements from plastic. 10 pcs set.
ID: 5809
Surgically sharp knives with high impact plastic safety cap
ID: 833041
Crimper designed for solar cables and connectors. Made of carbon steel.
ID: 861898
Completely insulated tip, testing voltages from 110 to 250 V AC, flat screwdriver.
ID: 11775
These long nose pliers are suitable for cutting and stripping steel wire (ø 1.2mm).
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ID: 836312
Straight antistatic tweezers with a precise tip (129 mm).
ID: 9120
For positioning 5 mm monolithic chip capacitors at 60° angle. Grooved tips, 4-3/4" long (120 mm). Non-magnetic.
ID: 5804
Application: Copper 1.3mm
ID: 816339
Meets all industry requirements for connecting cables up to Cat 6 to 110, Krone, PANASONIC and 66 punch down blocks.
ID: 5922
Extreme performance light weight designed. Reduced effort. Longer working without fatigue, 2 models are available. Material Titanium.
ID: 8928
Insulated Tweezers Pro'sKit 1PK-101T. OAL: 120 mm.
ID: 5783
Magnetic end-hook for convenient measuring. Blade with Nylon coating for easy scale reading and avoiding light reflection. Anti-slip and shockproof rubber case.
ID: 5754
All blades made of high carbon tool steel SK-5. Blade thickness: 0.5mm.
ID: 11222
Slotted screwdriver with soft handle (3.0x100mm).
ID: 817155
Replacement utility knife blades (6 pcs.) for Pro'sKit DK-2039 Utility Knife.
ID: 5755
Is compatible with Pro'sKit 5PD-510-B replacement blade set. Reinforced plain tie body, locking slide.
ID: 10936
ESD-safe for maximum protection of static electricity sensitive components.
ID: 5794
OAL.: 165 mm. Material S60C
ID: 5910
A spring assisted chip carrier extraction tool, specially designed for the safe removal of PLCC's from sockets without damage to component parts. Individual Packing: Blister Card
ID: 7433
Adjustable wrench with insulated handle (jaw opening up to 36 mm).
ID: 7491
Compact universal stripping tool for UTP and STP cables, CAT 5 round and flat telephone cables, RG-59/6/11/7 coaxial cables. Equipped with cable cutter.
ID: 11769
Flat cutting edges, ESD safe, safety clip to prevent the cut wire from scattering, max. cut diameter: 1.0 mm.
ID: 811773
AISI 8660 chrome-molybdenum vanadium steel with satin finish. Fast turning swivel cap with T.P.R. anti-slip coating.
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ID: 813233
Precision antistatic cutting pliers with flat cutting edges which is ideal for cutting copper wires (1.3 mm).
ID: 833264
Precision slotted screwdriver made of chrome-molybdenum-vanadium steel. A handle made of nylon plastic with a fast-turning TPR anti-slip top.
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ID: 5810
The sharp edge with ease cuts elements from plastic.
ID: 5876
Color slotted screwdriver (6.0x157 mm, length 310 mm). Made of chrome-molybdenum-vanadium steel.
ID: 9119
For handling /positioning 3 lead SOT packages, monolithic chip capacitors, etc., 4-3/4". OAL: 120 mm.
ID: 10895
Heavy Duty Cutting Pliers (145 mm).
ID: 810227
Precision torx screwdriver with tamper-resistant hole (T15H).
ID: 811790
6" Inch/Metric Electronic Caliper 150 mm / 6"; 0.01 mm / 0.0005"
ID: 816357
Cuts soft steel up to 18 AWG, 1/16" copper, alunimium and plastic.
ID: 821469
Micro cutting pliers with safety clip are designed for cutting copper components (up to 1.6 mm) and mild steel (up to 0.8 mm).
ID: 5785
Overall length: 170 mm±3, Cut length: 75 mm, PVC coated handles, Particularly useful for fine work or within restricted areas.
ID: 5893
Measure outside, inside and depth on large easy-to-read dial.

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