Hot Air Soldering Station AOYUE 868 (110 V)

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Code: 814124
Weight: 4 kg
Voltage: 110 V
Warranty: 12 month
Availability in stock: HKEUCN

AOYUE 868 Short Review: Thin hot air gun handle for precise SMD soldering. Antistatic performance. Automatic cooling. PTC heating element.

Hot Air Soldering Station AOYUE-868 is perfect for SMD precise soldering. Special hot air gun with thin nozzle made for complex combination contactfree soldering and other high-precision working. Package includes 3 nozzles for hot air gun. Accessible design of hot air gun handle. PTC (positive temperature coefficient) advantages – fast heating and durability. Automatic cold air for cooling of heating element after usage. The best to work with integral IC.   


  • Temperature and airflow analog control.
  • Reliable diaphragm pump.
  • Automatic cool mode (after shutdown) protects heating element.
  • Antistatic performance enables device working with static sensitive components.
  • Soldering station is packed into cardboard box with foam protective frame.
  • Soft rubber legs located on the bottom panel provide equipment steadiness on worktable.
  • There is 5 A fuse on the back panel of the main unit.
Hot Air Gun AOYUE-868 Specifications:
Temperature range 100 °C – 480 °C
Temperature adjustment Analog, smooth
Airflow adjustment Analog, smooth
Power consumption 120W (max.)
Operating voltage 110V
Airflow 23 l/min (max.)
Pump 868 (diaphragm)
Dimensions 245(L) × 188(W) ×128(H) mm
Nozzles S, M, L
Heating element 10092 (2-pins, with nichrome concertina wire)
Nozzle diameter 2,5 mm
Airflow Linear

Package includes:
1.  Hot air soldering station AOYUE - 868 – 1pc.
2.  Hot air gun holder – 1 pc.
3.  Power cable, 1 m – 1 pc.
4.  Nozzles - 3 pcs.
5.  Manual – 1 pc.
6.  Box with foam protective frame – 1 pc.

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