IGROTECO Money Box Building Set

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IGROTECO Money box Short Review: Create a real money box in a form of a hut for your pocket money. When it is full with coins, just disassemble and stack it back together again. If desired, the parts can be glued together with PVA glue and painted to one’s own liking.

IGROTECO Money Box Building Set is a basic level wooden construction kit that sonsists of 37 elements for individual assembly of a money box that looks like a hut. The model is to be assembled according to the user guide provided.

Usage Guidelines

This building set serves as a wonderful alternative to the rubber, plastic and plush toys. It is made of carefuly polished natural wood (oak), without any artificial paint and glue, which makes it absolutely safe for health. Wooden elements are universal, they help to develop manual dexterity, imagination, and teach the basics of geometry. You can secure different parts together using PVA glue and paint them as you wish.


  • Building set is made of eco-friendly safe material.
  • Helps to develop manual dexterity, imagination and learn the basics of geometry.
  • Various types of sets are compatible with each other.

Technical specifications

Material natural oak
Assembled model size 10 × 10 × 11 cm
Package size 17 × 13 × 6 cm
Package weight 0,4 kg
Age 5+ years

Package contents

  • Building set:
    • wooden parts — 37 pcs.
  • Illustrated user guide — 1 pc.

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