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ToolBoom Supermarket for Engineers pays much attention to quality customer service. Offering wide product range is one of the most important aspects in our work. This is why we are constantly looking for new and reliable suppliers who manufacture instruments and equipment for servicing and maintenance of all kinds of electronics.

If you are interested in marketing development for your products, contact our purchasing manager:

Please specify the following in your letter:

  • General information about your company;
  • Contacts;
  • Price list for your products;
  • Any additional information you would like to mention.

ToolBoom Supermarket for Engineers specializes in selling instruments and equipment for electronics maintenance. We engage in online trade for more than ten years.

The main ToolBoom product range covers the following categories:





  • 有关贵公司的概况和详细的联系方式
  • 贵司详细的产品报价表
  • 以及您认为重要的其他信息。
  • ToolBoom工程师超市是一个国际性的网络商铺,专业经营电子产品维修工具和设备。我们在这方面网络销售领域已有超过十年的经验。


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