Infrared Soldering Station ACHI IR-6000

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Code: 822581
Weight: 18.6 kg
Voltage: 220 V
Warranty: 6 month
Availability in stock: HKEUCN

ACHI IR-6000 Short Review: All-purpose repair kit, designed specially for recovery of middle-sized circuit plates such as laptop motherboards.

ACHI IR-6000 infrared soldering station is designed for middle-sized circuit plate rework. Solder is heated with infrared radiating which lets easy soldering and desoldering of different printed board types: BGA, QFP and other. 180×180 mm bottom heater can heat a substantial area on a circuit board, thus preventing distortion from local heater. Eight different temperature profiles give the opportunity to choose necessary soldering mode for different solders, also for lead-free ones.


Download ACHI IR-6000 Infrared Soldering Station software


  • Folding table with moving holders enables plate mounting and stable fixation.
  • Upper heater can be moved vertically and horizontally.
  • Soldering spot is illuminated with LED lamp incorporated in the station frame
  • Working area temperature sensor can be fixed on a stand and pointed to the desired spot with the help of flexible conductor.
  • Upper and bottom heater temperature control is performed with two contact thermocouples.
  • Sound alarm for upper heater when reaching the programmed temperature level.
  • Soldering process takes place according to programmable temperature profile.
  • ACHI IR-6000 establishes PC connection through RS-232 serial port.
  • Precise closed loop control ensures correct heating.

Technical Specifications

Heater type ceramic
Power 220 V
Upper heater type IR
Upper heater size 80 × 80 mm
Upper heater power 400 W
Bottom heater type IR
Bottom heater size 180 × 180 mm
Bottom heater power 800 W
Total power 1350 W
Upper heater temperature control independent temperature control with alarm
accuracy ±0.5%
Bottom heater temperature control independent temperature control without alarm
accuracy ±0.5%
Applicable chip size (max.) ≤ 70 × 70 mm
Applicable PCB size (max.) ≤ 400 × 305 mm
Maximum heating temperature 400 °C
Dimensions 475 × 480 × 420 mm
Weight 15 kg

Articles & Reviews

Infrared Rework Stations: Technological Benefits and ACHI Brand Review

Package Contents

  • ACHI IR-6000 Soldering Station
  • DATA-cable
  • Thermocouple with mounting
  • User manual
  • CD with software

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