Microscopes and Lenses

Microscopes and lenses which are presented in our catalog: optical microscopes, biological microscopes, USB microscopes, metallurgical microscopes, binocular microscopes, trinocular microscopes, monocular microscopes, digital camera-eyepieces, eyepieces and objectives, magnification and lamps, and microscope accessories.
ID: 863886
Binocular microscope, objective: 2X, eyepiece: 10X. Diopter adjustment: ± 5 mm. The interpupillary distance adjustable between 55-75 mm. Light: none.
ID: 838233
Handheld magnifying glass (3.5x) with LED light.
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ID: 4968
Durable spring-balanced arm positions light where you need it most. New improved clamp with sponge for bench or desktop protection. Easy replacing of the lamp
ID: 10662
Improved version of the TORNADO USB microscope: independent screen settings, high-quality CCD camera, and a automatic illumination.
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ID: 819940
USB microscope allowing the inspection of motherboards. An integrated camera with maximum variable lens magnification of 100×. LCD monitor. Curved LED lamp.
ID: 4975
Sliding adjustable arms place the magnifier in a position where you need it most. Adjustable heights and angles
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Product is discontinued
ID: 833269
Magnifying lamp for inspection of printed circuit boards and other precision detail work. Magnification: 3 D (1.75 X).
ID: 5778
Spring-balanced arm positions light where you need it most. Clamps to bench or desktop
ID: 10969
2 glass lens: 3 diopter/12 diopter. Light source: AC120V 60Hz / AC220-240V 50Hz T4 12W circular fluorescent lamp
ID: 811795
Detail inset, sturdy alloy clamp with protective coated clip, flexible goose neck adjusts to any position, 2 LED lights.
ID: 816086
Handheld color digital microscope with video output using TV screen as a viewfinder. Advantageous features and numerous application fields.
ID: 812886
Handheld magnifier with LED illumination. Magnification: 6D (2.5X). Lens size: Ø 88mm.
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Product is discontinued

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