Mini Cable Tester Pro'sKit NT-3200 with Various Adaptors

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Pro'sKit NT-3200 Short Review: Testing telephone, LAN, audio, security or virtually any other type of wire or cable assembly.

The Pro’sKit NT-3200 Mini tester with various adaptors works with coaxial cable F-connectors.
With the the wide range of optional adapters included, you can test telephone, LAN, audio, security, or virtually any other type of wire or cable easily.

NT-3200 is not only easy to use but also fully powered with functional features. The NT-3200 contains NT-302 Cable mini tester which has the improved head design with rugged push-on male F-connector and time-saving push-on female connector on audible toner.

The loud sound of detachable tone detector makes NT-3200 ideal for working in noisy environments. Better yet, its compact size makes NT-3200 convenient to carry and store. Supplied in a soft PVC case for the kit storage.

The system checks DC continuity and has a DC generator /short detector with easily viewable short circuit LED indicator and a removable tone detector that screws into the base.

Package Contents:

  • NT-302 Mini Pocket Tester
  • 2 x RJ45 to F male
  • 2 x F-type female to BNC female
  • 2 x RJ11 to F Male
  • 2 x F-type male to F-type male
  • 2 x F-type female to RCA male
  • 2 x BNC female to F-type male
  • 2 x F female to PAL female
  • 2 x RCA female to F-type male
  • 2 x F female to F Push-on male
  • 2 x F-type female to BNC male
  • 1 x F-type female to F-type female

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