Multimeter Test Leads MASTECH T3000

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Code: 811106
Weight: 0.09 kg
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MASTECH T3000 Short Review: Test leads for various series of MASTECH multimeters.

Test Leads MASTECH T3000 compatible with various series of MASTECH multimeters:

  • MY60 series
  • M92 series
  • MS8200 series
  • MS8205 series
  • M9805 series
  • MS8222 series
  • MS8201 series
  • M266 series
  • MS2000 series
  • MS2001 series
  • M9912, MS5201, M89 series
  • MS2201, MS2203, MS6230


  • Lenth (including handpiece): 100 cm
  • Protective caps for probe needles and jacks

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