Power Supply HYelec HY3020MR

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Code: 812007
Weight: 10.5 kg
Voltage: 220 V
Warranty: 6 month
Availability in stock: HKEUCN

HYelec HY3020MR Short Review: The most powrful variant of SINGLE OUTPUT/HIGH POWER SERIES. Output up to 30 V and 20 A.

HY3020MR Power Supply is the most powrful variant of SINGLE OUTPUT/HIGH POWER SERIES. Due to the output current of up to 20 A, it can "feed" even the most power-consuming devices and circuits. The device allows smooth adjustment of both parameters (current and voltage) in two modes: rough and fine.

HY3020MR power supply protects against current and voltage overload. Overload indicator lights up when any exceeding parameter value is registered. To prevent the device from damage, the security system disconnects secondary voltage on the overloaded channel until the malfunction is removed.

HY3020MR power supply has two 3-digit LED panels where output current and voltage values are displayed. In the lower part of HY3020MR front panel there are output terminals and earth connector .

The device is powered from 220 V AC mains. HY3020MR power supply is switched On/Off by means of a big button with reliable position lock.


  • Direct numerical key setting of output voltage and current
  • Output value can be set precisely, no more floating
  • Constant voltage and constant current
  • Voltage and current dual display for each output
  • Last setting memorizing after power off
Protection current restricted protection
and short-circuit protection

Display two 3-digit LED panels
Voltage indication accuracy LED±1%+2 digits
Current indication accuracy LED±1%+2 digits
Environment temperature 0~+40°C
Relative humidity <90%
Input voltage 220 V +/-10%
Line regulation
≤0.02%+3 mV
≤0.5%+3 mA
Load regulation
≤0.02%+10 mV
≤0.5%+10 mA
Ripple & noise
≤1 mVr.m.s
≤10 mAr.m.s
Output voltage 0~30 V
Output current 0~20 A
Interface RS232
Dimensions 365 x 265 x 164 mm

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