Pro'sKit 903-150N-B Professional Multimeter

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Weight: 0.27 kg
Warranty: 6 month
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Pro'sKit 903-150N-B Short Review: An economical digital multimeter with basic function package and continuity with beeper function.

ProsKit 903-150N-B is an economical digital multimeter with base function package and audible indication of wire identification.



Measurement range selection manual
Indicator peak value  1999
DC voltage  200m V/2000m V/20/200 V  ±0.5%,
1000V ±0.8%
AC voltage 200/750V ±1.2%
DC current  200µ A /2000µ A/20m A ±1.0%,
200m A ±1.5%
10A ±3.0%
Resistance 200/2000/20/200K Ω ±0.8%
2000K Ω ±1.0%
Conductivity wire identification yes
Diode, transistor test yes
EN61010-1 CAT II/CAT III 600/300V
Power source 6F22 (9V) x1
Dimensions, mm 126x70x24
Weight, grams (with battery) 240

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