Pro'sKit PK-4022BM Deluxe Telecom Installer's Kit (220V)

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Code: 10946
Weight: 6 kg
Voltage: 220 V
Availability in stock: HKEUCN

Pro'sKit PK-4022BM Short Review: Ideal for installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting voice network.

Ideal for installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting voice network. A considerate way for carrying tools inside the PVC handbag provides handy and compact usage to installers. Deluxe Telecom Installer's Kit PK-4022 is a good choice for communication installers, telecom installers, and telephone linesmen.

  • Headset and neck strap free user's hands for more convenient work
  • Telecom test set with RJ-45 jack and tone probe kit with alligator clips
  • Incoming and dialing number display and NET service detection
MT-8002 Telecom test set
1PK-T406 6" straight forceps
PD-994 Electrician's knife
PM-905N 5" cutting plier
PM-906N 5.5" long nose plier
PM-909 6" long nose plier (170 mm)
1PK-H078 Probe-pic spudger
DK-2047N Electrician scissors
9SD057P Double-end screwdriver
SD-202B Pro-soft screwdriver #1x75 mm
SD-207B Pro-soft screwdriver #2.6x100 mm
SD-222A Pro-soft screwdriver 8x150 mm
SD-213A Pro-soft screwdriver 6x150 mm
8PK-3001D Precision wire stripper (AWG 30/2S/26/24/22/20)
8PK-3140N Punch down tool with 110/66 blades
3PK-NT023N Tone probe kit (battery not included)
MT-8091 In-line modular adapters 4/6/8 pin 3 in 1
HW-121M 8 pcs folding hex key set
8PK-S120NA-30 Soldering iron 110 V or 220 V / 30 W ;
9PK-4022-P Pallet for PK-4022 series
9PK-4022-TP Pallet for PK-4022 series
TC-2002 Heavy duty zipper bag

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