Gas Soldering Irons: Pro'sKit

Pro'sKit: A gas powered soldering iron is ideal for working in locations where there may be no mains power supply available. A gas powered soldering irons are butane powered and can be refilled with ordinary cigarette lighter butane aerosols.
ID: 8949
Butane-powered soldering iron with soldering tips and a cleaning sponge.
ID: 821484
Does not contain butane gas when first purchased. Can be used as soldering iron, blow torch, hot knife, polyform cutter, flat flame torch.
ID: 821490
Compatible with Pro'sKit 8PK-101-2 portable soldering iron, Pro'sKit GS-210 professional soldering iron and Pro'sKit 8SL-2000N soldering iron.
ID: 821493
Safe and easy to use butane soldering torch. 1300°C flame temperature, 60-90 minutes operating time.
ID: 841736
Gas powered soldreing iron with soldering accessories: soldering iron tips, solder, cleaning sponge and stand in a plastic case.
ID: 844566
Butane-powered soldering iron & blow torch with a set of soldering accessories in a plastic case.
ID: 830290
Professional gas-heated soldering iron & gas torch that is refilled with butane gas. Flame adjusment function.
ID: 841563
Soldering tool kit consisting of a gas soldering iron with nozzles, cutting pliers, tweezers.
ID: 821492
Safe and easy to use portable butane soldering torch. 1300°C flame temperature, 60 minutes operating time.

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