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Jovy Systems:

Soldering stations are the most commonly used equipment for soldering electronic components with traditional lead or lead-free solders. Our store offers great selection of temperature controlled soldering stations, from the variety of manufacturers: ATTEN, AOYUE, Pro'sKit, Lukey, Jovy Systems, Goot, BAKU, Tornado, SUNKKO and others.

ID: 831948
All-purpose repair kit, designed specially for recovery of huge circuit plates such as motherboards. Two lower preheaters.
ID: 830447
Multipurpose soldering station for any PCB component soldering. Auto power regulation and recovery control for different temperature levels.
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USD 1830
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USD 110
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ID: 840712
Semi-automatic infrared BGA rework system with a ceramic emisor and PC synchronization.
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USD 960
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