Soldering Iron Tip AOYUE T-0.5C

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AOYUE T-0.5C Short Review: Replacement Conical soldering iron tip (15 mm, ⌀ 0.5 mm) for precision component soldering. Compatible with ATTEN AT100D, AT201D, AT204D, AT60D, AT80D, AT937B, AT938D, AOYUE 701, 701A+, 936, 937, 937+, Lukey 936+, AOYUE 950+, AOYUE 738, 768, 899A+, 906, 906C, 908+, 909, 968, Lukey 702, 850D, 852D+, 852D+FAN, 852D-300-301, 853D+, 868, 898, HAKKO.

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