Soldering Iron Tip AOYUE T-2CM

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AOYUE T-2CM Short Review: Long-life bevel type soldering iron replacement tip (45°, length 17 mm, diameter 2 mm) for precision component soldering. It is compatible with ATTEN, AOYUE, Lukey, Pro'sKit soldering equipment.

Long-life Bevel Type soldering iron replacement tip AOYUE T-2CM (45°, length 17 mm, diameter 2 mm) allows precision component soldering and designed to provide maximum heat transfer from the heater to the tip.


Tip Structure

This soldering iron tip has a copper base. Inside of the tip there are nickel and chromium inlays.

This conical shaped soldering iron tip has a sensor located in 10 mm of the tip to ensure temperature stability.

Replacement Procedure

  1. Unscrew a barrel nut.
  2. Take off a heater collar.
  3. Replace a soldering tip.

Useful Information

  • The iron tip may work less if you use a lead solder than when you use lead free solder.
  • Do not clean the iron tip with a cleaning pad or a rasp-file.
  • Soldering iron tip thermal conductivity worsens when oxides stick to it. To clean a tip use moist cellulose sponge. If it doesn't help, use a special tip cleaner.

Note: microwave type soldering iron tips from this manufacturer are marked with CF sign.

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