Jovy Systems JV-R010:

Thermal Reflective Tape Jovy Systems JV-R010 (10 m)

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Jovy Systems JV-R010 Short Review: Reflective adhesive tape that is used with Jovy Systems IR rework stations to reflect infrared rays and protect selected areas from excessive heating.

Jovy Systems JV-R010 is an acrylic adhesive tape featuring foil film with high adhesion designed to protect selected areas and components from infrared rays and excessive heating. Jovy Systems JV-R010 thermal reflective tape is acting like a barrier to UV and moisture for the electronic components.

Jovy Systems JV-R010 Thermal Reflective Tape Application

JV-R010 is recommended for small and large PCB applications which include lead-free solder (mobile phone PCBs, game consoles and computer PCBs), especially when the target component is enclosed with additional components or plastic parts (camera module, connector or socket).

Jovy Systems JV-R010 Thermal Reflective Tape Specifications

Total Thickness 0.080 mm ±10%
Performance Range -54 °C to ~316 °C
Tensile Strength ≥3.8 kg / 25 mm
Adhesion ≥ 0.77 kg / 25 mm
Elongation ≤ 10%

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