Ultrasonic Cleaner Pro'sKit CD-7910A (0.7 l)

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Code: 833060
Weight: 2 kg
Voltage: 110 V
Warranty: 6 month
Availability in stock: HKEUCN

Pro'sKit CD-7810A Short Review: Powerfull ultrasonic cleaner suitable for household and small scale commercial applications. Designed for cleaning jewelry, glasses, CD, DVD, and many other items.

Pro'sKit CD-7910A is a powerfull and efficient ultrasonic cleaner, that is designed for household and small scale commercial applications. Pro'sKit CD-7910A ultrasonic cleaner can be used with plain tap water.

Pro'sKit CD-7910A Ultrasonic Cleaner Features

  • Output frequency with stable waves and less noise
  • 15% better cleaning effect, compared to 78-series ultrasonic cleaners
  • Digital controls
  • Timer with 5 settings

Pro'sKit CD-7910A Ultrasonic Cleaner Applications

  • Optical discs (CD, DVD)
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Glasses
  • Dentures, toothbrushes
  • Tableware

Pro'sKit CD-7910A Ultrasonic Cleaner Technical Specifications

Ultrasonic frequency 46,000 Hz (46 KHz)
Power 50 W (220 V)
Tank material SUS304 stainless steel
Tank capacity 700 ml
Maximum level 600 ml
Power supply AC220-240V,50HZ
Dimensions 230 x 171 x 142 mm

Pro'sKit CD-7910A Ultrasonic Cleaner Package Contents

  • Pro'sKit CD-7910A ultrasonic cleaner (1 pc.)
  • Power cable (1 pc.)
  • Basket (1 pc.)
  • User manual (1 pc.)

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