FLIR T400 Series Thermal Imaging Cameras Video Review


FLIR Systems Inc. (USA) – the global leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of infrared thermal imaging cameras – introduced a FLIR T400 series of thermal imaging cameras.

These high-performance infrared thermal imaging cameras provide innovative visualization possibilities, that help professionals to easily detect and document the problems, as well as to get more bright and vivid thermal images.

Both models in the series – FLIR T420 and FLIR T440 – are characterized by thermal image resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and a thermal sensitivity of < 45 mK. Cameras have an integrated 3.1 Mpixel digital camera to make the diagnostics easier and to save time.

The FLIR T400 series cameras are capable of measuring temperatures from –20°C up to +1200°C, create visual and infrared non-radiometric MPEG-4 video files, merge visual and thermal images for better analysis. The advanced modern data processing and storing techniques are implemented: text comments can be made from a pre-defined list or using the touch screen, a headset can be connected to make voice annotations, the touch screen may be used as pen and paper to add sketch annotations.

16-bit radiometric IR video can be streamed to a PC (via USB) running the FLIR R&D software. FLIR uses a non proprietary radiometric JPEG image format that allows for post processing and report writing with Microsoft Word® based FLIR software. FLIR T420 and FLIR T440 have an option of creating instant reports directly in the camera, and easily copy data to USB devices. You may connect the camera to smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi, using the FLIR Tools mobile app (Apple iOS and Android) for processing and sharing results as well as for remote control.

Yuriy Ter-Arutiunian

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