How to Use a Multimeter


How to measure current, voltage and resistance using multimeter?

A multimeter is an indispensable and necessary device for any electrician or electronic hobbyist which combines several measuring functions, e.g. ohmmeter, voltmeter and amperemeter. Many users simply want to know how to measure current, voltage and resistance using a digital multimeter and usually they just want a step by step guide.

Our new video will be useful for those new to the world of measurements, since it presents the basics of measurements with a digital multimeter, and it also describes a typical multimeter device and its functions. Our technician shows the measurement of basic electrical quantities - current, resistance and voltage.

Modern digital multimeter consists of the following parts:

  • a rotary switch for range and measurement functions selection;
  • measuring probe connection terminals;
  • buttons for additional functions.

Our technician will also explain importance of correct measuring range selection and proper probes connection for safety reasons.

In this video, we used the popular pocket digital multimeter UNI-T UT33C.

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