Rigol DG1000Z Series Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator Video Review


Rigol DG1000Z Series is a multi-functional arbitrary waveform / function generator which adopts innovative SiFi (Signal Fidelity) technology for stable, high-precision, pure and low distortion signals. The excellent system features, user friendliness and versatile functions combination makes this arbitrary waveform / function generator a perfect solution for IC, serial bus and in-circuit function tests, simulation of sensors and natural environment signals. RIGOL DG1000Z dual channel arbitrary waveform / function generator has an intuitive user interface and simple front panel layout and instructions.


  • SiFi (Signal Fidelity) technology: generate arb waveform point-by-point, restore signal distortionless, precisely adjustable sample rate and low jitter (200 ps).
  • 2 channel output.
  • 5 standard waveforms (Sine, Pulse, Square, Ramp, Noise) and 160 stored arbitrary waveforms.

The series includes:

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