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TaoTronics Desktop LED Lamps are a combination of design, technology and exceptional quality.

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Introducing TaoTronics LED desktop lamps. They combine modern design, technology, and exceptional quality.

TaoTronics lamps are designed to avoid eyestrain when you read or work in front of a computer screen. For portable devices, TaoTronics has provided a built-in USB charger port.

TaoTronics lamps are not only designed for work. You can select an appropriate lighting mode to create a cozy atmosphere for relaxation. Having to choose only one color of light for your lamp is a thing of the past. In fact, you have the entire spectrum of visible light at your fingertips. Whether you want to have an intensely bright light or a barely-visible nightlight, it is possible with TaoTronics lamps. Thanks to the brightness controller, you can set it exactly how you like.

The TaoTronics DL09 shadeless lamp is not only a modern multifunctional light source, but also a radiant addition to your interior.
The hinge system has wide rotation angles, which allow you to direct light in virtually any direction, without altering the position of the base.

In addition to simply sitting on the table, the DL07 model can be attached to a table or computer desk with a clamp, which makes the lamp especially useful as a work light. These icons are touch sensitive buttons for selecting color temperature and brightness. There is also a sleep function, which automatically turns the light off after a period of time.

The DL13 model is an example of minimalistic design. For brightness control, there is a touch panel with an adjustment for brightness.
Color temperature can also be changed by a single touch of this button. The swing arm has three hinge joints and the light emitter is beautifully elongated.

TaoTronics gooseneck lamps can be especially enjoyable for children, since these lamps are easy to use and can take strange shapes. What’s more is that the DL05’s surface is made of nice, soft touch plastic.

TaoTronics LED lamps are energy saving, they safeguard your eyesight, and they can also become a perfect decoration for your room.

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