UNI-T UT243 Digital Clamp Meter Video Review


Today we'll discuss another multi-function instrument of the Uni-Trend measuring equipment family. We will describe a reliable True RMS digital clamp meter - Uni-T UT243.

In the video review of Uni-T UT243 digital clamp meter our tecnical experts are going to tell you about its main features and functions.

Uni-T UT243 clamp meter is characterized by such basic functions:

  • Measuring functions:
    • AC current
    • AC voltage
    • active power
    • apparent power
    • reactive power
    • cos φ
    • phase angle
    • frequency
    • active energy
  • Auto ranging
  • Data Hold function
  • Low battery indication

An interesting aspect: our experts will not only make a description of the characteristics of the device, its overview, but also demonstrate its functionality, conducting demonstration measurements in real-time network conditions under voltage.

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