Digital Oscilloscope RIGOL DS1062CD

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Digital Oscilloscope RIGOL DS1062CD
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4.6 kg 110, 220 V Warranty: 36 months
Dual channel digital oscilloscope with logic analyzer and bandwidth – 60 MHz, real-time sample rate – 400 MSa/s, equivalent sample rate – 25 GSa/s. Read more
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4 analog channels, 16 digital channels (upgradable), 100 MHz bandwidth, 1 GSa/s (8-channel), 500 MSa/s (16-channel) real-time sample rate, 7" display and up to 30,000 waveforms/sec capture rate.
Availability in stock: HK
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ID: 869163 6 kg 110, 220
4-channel phosphor oscilloscope with 100 MHz bandwidth, 1 GSa/s real-time sample rate, 14 MB memory, 7.0" display and up to 400,000 waveforms/sec capture rate.
Availability in stock: HK
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ID: 874773 6 kg

RIGOL DS1062CD digital oscilloscope provides exceptionally accurate waveform viewing and measurements in a compact, lightweight package. RIGOL DS1062CD digital oscilloscope is ideal for production tests, field service, research, design and other applications involving analog/digital circuits test and troubleshooting, as well as education and training.

RIGOL DS1062CD Digital Oscilloscope Features

  • Ultra compact design, small dimensions
  • Bandwidth: 60 MHz
  • Dual channels
  • Real-time sample rate: 400 MSa/s maximum
  • Equivalent time sample rate: 25 GSa/s maximum
  • Memory depth: 1 M points (Single Channel), 512 K points (Dual Channels)
  • 20 automatic measurements
  • Versatile trigger modes: Edge, Pulse, Slope, Video, Alternative, Pattern and Duration
  • Adjustable trigger sensitivity
  • 10 waveforms, 10 setups, BMP and CSV storage
  • Math functions: Add, Subtract, Multiply, FFT, Invert
  • Automatic self-calibration
  • Special digital filter and waveform recorder
  • Built-in hardware frequency counter
  • 5.7-inch color LCD display
  • Multi-language user interface, built-in help system

RIGOL DS1062CD Digital Oscilloscope User Manual

Download RIGOL DS1062CD digital oscilloscope user manual

RIGOL DS1062CD Digital Oscilloscope Technical Specifications

Bandwidth 60 MHz
Real time sample rate 400 MSa/s
Equivalent sample rate 25 GSa/s
Memory depth
  • 1 M points (single channel)
  • 512 K points (dual channels)
  • 512 K points (logic analyzer)
Rise time 5.8 ns
Time base range 5 ns/div - 50 s/div
Trigger modes Edge, Video, Pulse Width, Slope, Alternate
Input impedance 1 M Ω || 13 pF
Vertical sensitivity 2 mV/div - 5 V/div
Vertical resolution 8 bits
Maximum input voltage 400 V (DC+AC peak)
Scroll range 500 ms/div - 50 s/div
Automatic measurements Vpp, Vmax, Vmin,  Vtop, Vbase, Vamp,Vrms, Vavg, Vover, Vpre, Freq, Period, Rise, Fall, +Width, -Width, +Duty, -Duty, DelayA, DelayB
Math Add, Subtract, Multiply, FFt, Invert
  • internal: 10 waveforms and 10 setups
  • USB: BMP, CSV, waveforms and setups
Display 5.7-inch color LCD, 320 x 234
Power source 100-240 V / 50 VA max
Weight 2.3 kg

RIGOL DS1062CD Digital Oscilloscope Package

  • RIGOL DS1062CD digital oscilloscope (1 pc.)
  • Power cable (1 pc.)
  • Test leads (2 pcs.)
  • Logic analyzer module (1 pc.)
  • Logic analyzer clips (16 pcs.)
  • Logic analyzer data connector (1 pc.)
  • USB data cable (1 pc.)
  • User manual (1 pc.)
  • Software (1 pc.)
Screen Size
  • 5.6" TFT display
Number of channels
  • dual-channel
  • with 16 channel logic analyzer
Storage Capacity
  • 1 MB
  • 60 MHz
  • desktop
  • mixed-signal
Sample Rate
  • 400 MSa/s

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