We've Got Some Perfect Matches!


Happy Valentine's Day!

Can tools be romantic? You bet! This February our products made up 11 interesting combos! Buy products in pairs and get them at a reduced price. While everyone is in a hurry buying flowers and gifts, you have a good chance to buy necessary and useful stuff :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Hot Air Rework Station Accta 301A (110 V)
Accta 301 offers compact design, temperature display, hot air gun auto switch-off, 50 W soldering iron, 350 W hot air gun, soldering iron and hot air gun temperature range: 80-480°C.
USD 129.00
Gas-Heated Soldering Iron Goot GP-101S (Portasol Hobby)
Portable gas-heated soldering iron with butane/isobutane heating. Heat power is adjustable within 10–60 W. Ideal for field operation.
USD 37.00
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Handheld Digital Oscilloscope SIGLENT SHS810
100 MHz bandwidth model of the SHS800 series of devices, with 2 channels and three main functions such as oscilloscope, multimeter and waveform recorder.
USD 573.00
Induction Lead-Free Soldering Station QUICK 202D ESD
Powerful (90 W) ESD safe soldering station with LCD display, temperature adjustment from 80 °C to 480 °C and temperature stability of ±2 °C.
USD 122.00
Hot Air Rework Station with IR Preheater AOYUE Int866 (110 V)
Powerful hot air rework station that combines functionality of hot air gun (400 W), soldering iron (60 W) and IR preheater (400 W).
USD 156.00
Mini Switching DC Power Supply Haitronic HPS3020D
Single-channel adjustable switching DC Power Supply. Current: up to 20 A. Voltage: up to 30 V. Digital LED display.
USD 145.00 
USD 125.00
Digital Oscilloscope OWON SDS1102
2-channel desktop digital oscilloscope with 100 MHz bandwidth, 1 GSa/s sample rate, 10K pts wavelength, 8 bits vertical resolution.
USD 240.00

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