Portable Hot Air Soldering Station AOYUE 8032A++

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Turbine pump type. Equipped with digital indicator. Automatic cooling. Temperature: 100°C – 480°C.
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Turbine pump of AOYUE-8032A++ produces soft airflow, which concentrates temperature on operating components to avoid air ripple from diaphragm pump. Sensor control of temperature and airflow. Digital temperature and airflow indication. Package includes 4 nozzles.


  • Power On/Off button and airflow/temperature control buttons are located on the hot air gun handle. Reset function of parameters to be settled earlier.
  • Hot air gun is equipped with digital indicator to control temperature mode during whole operation period.
  • Discrete temperature control enables to set required temperature accurate within 1°C.
  • Automatic cooling mode (after shutdown) protects heating element.
  • Turbomotor produces soft vertical blast.
  • Antistatic performance of hot air gun enables with static-sensitive components.
  •  Package includes 4 replacement nozzles (1195, 1196, 1198, 1313).
  • Hot air gun packed into cardboard box with protective frame.

Technical Specifications

Temperature range 100 - 480 °C
Temperature control Sensor, discrete
Airflow control Sensor, discrete
Power consumption 500 W (max.)
Operating voltage 220 V
Airflow 30 l/min.(max.)
Nozzle diameter   21,5 mm
Motor  Turbine, based on RS-365SH 
Nozzles 1195, 1196, 1198, 1313
Heating element 10096
Dimensions 77 × 277 mm


  • Hot air gun Aoyue - 8032A++ – 1 pc.
  • Nozzles - 4 pcs.
  • User manual – 1pc.


Design type
  • Portable
Hot Air Gun Power
  • 550 W
Soldering Iron Power
  • No soldering iron
Pump type
  • turbine
Desoldering Gun
  • Non-available
Desoldering Pump
  • Non-available
Power Supply
  • Non-available
Vacuum pick-up tool
  • Non-available




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Portable Hot Air Soldering Station AOYUE 8032A++
Portable Hot Air Soldering Station AOYUE 8032A++
USD 76.00
In stock
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