Products for Electrical Installation Works

This category helps you find the most popular and reliable tools used for electric installation works and electric systems maintenance. You need test & measuring devices, soldering equipment and soldering consumables, as well as hand tools tool kits for professional electric installation.

We offer:

  • Measuring equipment, including oscilloscopes, multimeters and testers, designed for operation on-site: handheld oscilloscopes with multimeter function, handheld oscilloscopes with multimeter function and galvanic channel separation, voltage testers with high voltage protection, special pocket-size multimeters with increased protection for high voltage circuits operation, cable trackers, electromagnetic field and voltage detectors for hidden electric cable location, clamp meters for non-contact current measurements, phase detectors for phase sequence identification in electrical boxes, special devices for earth resistance testing;
  • Soldering irons, including gas-heated and battery-powered soldering irons, designed for soldering works on-site, under conditions of main power feed absence;
  • Powerful soldering irons used for soldering massive components, such as large cross-section wires;
  • Tools and tool kits for electricians: insulated screwdrivers, pliers, cutting pliers with high voltage protection under 1000 V; wire and cable insulation stripping tools; fork, ring, plug-in, and pin terminal crimping tools and other electric installation tools;
  • Chemistry for protecting soldered mechanical junctions from corrosion and dirt, and for restoring contacts;
  • Fluxes and solder alloys for contact soldering.

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