Products for Electronics Repair

This category is a selection of the most popular and reliable equipment for electronics repair and electronic devices maintenance. You may use these items to repair cell phones, laptop computers, pocket PCs, tablet PCs, video game consoles, photo and video cameras, gadgets.

Professional electronics service requires soldering equipment and soldering consumables, measuring devices and power supply units, hand tools and tool kits, as well as additional products such as ultrasonic cleaning and optical equipment.

We offer:

  • Hand tools designed for assembling/disassembling electronic devices, including cell phones, smartphones, laptops, game consoles;
  • Means for diagnosing the state of devices;
  • Testers for the device battery state analysis;
  • Equipment and consumables for different types of soldering (contact soldering, infrared and hot air soldering techniques) and BGA reballing;
  • Specialized equipment for repairing touch screens of the modern smartphones and tablet PCs;
  • Laboratory power supply units, which allow modeling the electronic device signals and repair the batteries;
  • Ultrasonic cleaners that may be used for cleaning circuit boards and other device components after repair;
  • Desktop microscopes and lenses, which simplify operation with small SMD components, including soldering, diagnostics, adjustment.

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