STEM Toys & Hobbies: Artec

Artec: Educational toys are good for hobbies and learning STEM (Science, Technology, Education, Mathematics) principles. The main goal of educational toys is to help children develop the skills they will need to succeed in studying at school and university or even building a brilliant career.
ID: 864070
Build a biped walking robot out of paper and other simple materials to learn about the motor and pulley mechanisms.
ID: 866018
Build two types of telescopes and hold hands-on experiments.
ID: 866011
Make your own radio controlled cube car that can perform the following commands: front, back, high speed, spin and turn.
ID: 866002
This science kit offers a great opportunity for assembling a 30 cm tall skeleton and learn about the human anatomy: bones, muscles and joints.
ID: 864063
This is a set of 72 building blocks for constructing robots with mechanical linkages. These building blocks can be combined in any way you like.
ID: 866006
One of the Robotist series construction set. The kit includes everything needed to build light-emitting robots.
ID: 866000
Build your own microscope with this kit and explore the world around you from a new perspective.
ID: 866015
Assemble a motor car, a solar car and a propeller car to make fun scientific experiments.
ID: 864064
Learn how satellites work by making one of your own.
ID: 866007
This amazing kit from the Robotist series helps to build a robot that changes direction when it hits something, a transporter and a line tracer.
ID: 866001
This amazing kit of 88 elements helps to assemble robots without nuts or bolts, these building blocks can be combined any way you like.
ID: 866016
Build a simple vehicle and make various experiments with electricity: parallel and series connection, Peltier effect, hand-cranked motor and more.
ID: 864066
Make a practical light with preassembled electronic parts. Control the full-color LED with a programmable microcomputer.
ID: 866008
This fun biped walking robot from the Robotist series transforms into a car and back into a biped walking robot.
ID: 866017
A perfect device to explain the peculiarities of the planets, rotation of the Earth, and the phenomenon of seasons.
ID: 864068
Build a unique programmable robot that requires no computer for programming. You can program the robot simply by pressing buttons.
ID: 866009
Construction kit from the Robotist series offers to build programmable models: dinosaurs and a robot with a wide range of functions.
ID: 866003
How does electricity work? You can make a motor car, a propeller car, or light up a small bulb to find out.
ID: 864069
This basic kit from the Robotist series with more than 150 elements serves to build unique programmable robots.
ID: 866010
Make a real cyclone vacuum cleaner out of a plastic bottle. Keep your home and planet clean.
ID: 866004
Develop your creativity and make programmable LED-light from plastic bottles or containers.
ID: 866019
Build a racer car with this kit to learn how electricity works and have fun playing with it.
ID: 866005
This full-fledged kit contains every motor and sensor of the Robotist series. With more than 190 pieces you can make whatever robot you wish.
ID: 866020
Make a fun robot car, program it without a computer and make it follow zigzag, pentagon and star-shaped lines.
ID: 864073
Get started easily to learn the basics of electromagnetism using this simple and informative kit.
ID: 866013
Create a real metal detector by using cardboard and simple materials. Learn the concept of magnetic fields and magnetism.

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