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CIC: Educational toys are good for hobbies and learning STEM (Science, Technology, Education, Mathematics) principles. The main goal of educational toys is to help children develop the skills they will need to succeed in studying at school and university or even building a brilliant career.
ID: 866456
Assemble a robotic arm that functions without motors or batteries. Powered by water it can lift up to 50 grams of weight.
ID: 867009
Transform the solar robot into 14 different models with a multitude of movements on both land and water.
ID: 867005
Use this amazing kit to build three robots powered by batteries: a forklift, a rover, and a gripper.
ID: 866457
Innovative solar powered science kit that can transform into 7 different lunar modules and be recharged by direct sunlight or small battery.
ID: 867002
Assemble a robotic arm that can lift and transfer objects up to 100 grams.
ID: 866455
Assemble a motorcycle powered by salt water fuel-cell that can drive constantly for up to 7 hours and perform stunning movements.
ID: 867008
DIY set to build 6 robots powered by solar battery: a street roller, walking robot, bottle yacht, drummer robot, flying bird, and a racer.
ID: 866999
Kit for assembling a monster-truck powered by eco-friendly salt water fuel cell.
ID: 867006
Assemble 4 different robots powered by a battery: a robot, a trailer, a beast and a cricket.
ID: 867007
Construct a fun robotic lizard equipped with an infrared sensor that has two modes of behavior: fight or flight.
ID: 867010
Replacement fuel cell for CIC 21-752 salt water engine set car kit. It contains 5 magnesium plates, 1 air cathode, and 1 piece of non-woven fabric.
ID: 867011
Replacement fuel cell for the CIC 21-753 salt water engine set car kit. It contains 6 magnesium plates, 2 air cathodes, and 2 pieces of non-woven fabric.
ID: 866454
Assemble a racer that is driven by compressed air. The vehicle can cover a distance up to 50 meters in 35 seconds.
ID: 868233
Self-assembly kit to build 6 robots powered by solar panels: windmill, revolving plane, plane, car, puppy and airboat.
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Availability in stock:
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