Robotic & Mech Kits

ID: 866456
Assemble a robotic arm that functions without motors or batteries. Powered by water it can lift up to 50 grams of weight.
ID: 867009
Transform the solar robot into 14 different models with a multitude of movements on both land and water.
ID: 867005
Use this amazing kit to build three robots powered by batteries: a forklift, a rover, and a gripper.
ID: 866457
Innovative solar powered science kit that can transform into 7 different lunar modules and be recharged by direct sunlight or small battery.
ID: 867002
Assemble a robotic arm that can lift and transfer objects up to 100 grams.
ID: 866455
Assemble a motorcycle powered by salt water fuel-cell that can drive constantly for up to 7 hours and perform stunning movements.
ID: 867008
DIY set to build 6 robots powered by solar battery: a street roller, walking robot, bottle yacht, drummer robot, flying bird, and a racer.
ID: 866999
Kit for assembling a monster-truck powered by eco-friendly salt water fuel cell.
ID: 867006
Assemble 4 different robots powered by a battery: a robot, a trailer, a beast and a cricket.
ID: 867007
Construct a fun robotic lizard equipped with an infrared sensor that has two modes of behavior: fight or flight.
ID: 864070
Build a biped walking robot out of paper and other simple materials to learn about the motor and pulley mechanisms.
ID: 867010
Replacement fuel cell for CIC 21-752 salt water engine set car kit. It contains 5 magnesium plates, 1 air cathode, and 1 piece of non-woven fabric.
ID: 867011
Replacement fuel cell for the CIC 21-753 salt water engine set car kit. It contains 6 magnesium plates, 2 air cathodes, and 2 pieces of non-woven fabric.
ID: 866011
Make your own radio controlled cube car that can perform the following commands: front, back, high speed, spin and turn.
ID: 864063
This is a set of 72 building blocks for constructing robots with mechanical linkages. These building blocks can be combined in any way you like.
ID: 866019
Build a racer car with this kit to learn how electricity works and have fun playing with it.
ID: 866008
This fun biped walking robot from the Robotist series transforms into a car and back into a biped walking robot.
ID: 864069
This basic kit from the Robotist series with more than 150 elements serves to build unique programmable robots.
ID: 866009
Construction kit from the Robotist series offers to build programmable models: dinosaurs and a robot with a wide range of functions.
ID: 866010
Make a real cyclone vacuum cleaner out of a plastic bottle. Keep your home and planet clean.
ID: 866001
This amazing kit of 88 elements helps to assemble robots without nuts or bolts, these building blocks can be combined any way you like.
ID: 866005
This full-fledged kit contains every motor and sensor of the Robotist series. With more than 190 pieces you can make whatever robot you wish.
ID: 866015
Assemble a motor car, a solar car and a propeller car to make fun scientific experiments.
ID: 866006
One of the Robotist series construction set. The kit includes everything needed to build light-emitting robots.
ID: 866016
Build a simple vehicle and make various experiments with electricity: parallel and series connection, Peltier effect, hand-cranked motor and more.
ID: 866007
This amazing kit from the Robotist series helps to build a robot that changes direction when it hits something, a transporter and a line tracer.
ID: 870469
A wooden construction set to assemble a car controlled by your gadget. If your smartphone works on Android just download free application and control your Buggy car.
ID: 866454
Assemble a racer that is driven by compressed air. The vehicle can cover a distance up to 50 meters in 35 seconds.
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Availability in stock:
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ID: 868233
Self-assembly kit to build 6 robots powered by solar panels: windmill, revolving plane, plane, car, puppy and airboat.
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