Science & Experiment Kits

ID: 866018
Build two types of telescopes and hold hands-on experiments.
ID: 866002
This science kit offers a great opportunity for assembling a 30 cm tall skeleton and learn about the human anatomy: bones, muscles and joints.
ID: 864064
Learn how satellites work by making one of your own.
ID: 864073
Get started easily to learn the basics of electromagnetism using this simple and informative kit.
ID: 866000
Build your own microscope with this kit and explore the world around you from a new perspective.
ID: 866003
How does electricity work? You can make a motor car, a propeller car, or light up a small bulb to find out.
ID: 866013
Create a real metal detector by using cardboard and simple materials. Learn the concept of magnetic fields and magnetism.
ID: 866017
A perfect device to explain the peculiarities of the planets, rotation of the Earth, and the phenomenon of seasons.

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