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13 Steps to Become a Fiber Optic Network Expert

Fiber optic networks are considered the most effective data transfer method. Fiber optic network installation technicians are in great demand worldwide. We introduce a number of articles that explain in detail what optical fiber is, specify its types, show how to install and splice it correctly, how to maintain and test it, and describe tools and equipment you need for that. Thanks to these articles, you will get theoretical knowledge and practical tips about fiber optic networks and make first steps towards this interesting and challenging business.

Optical Fiber Fusion Splicing: Optical Cables Classification

The first article in a series is devoted to the types of fiber optic cables. What is a fiber optic cable? We will discuss the cable types and its components.

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Optical Fiber Punch Down: Necessary Tools and Procedure

For optical fiber stripping, as well as for splicing, a number of specific tools are needed: strippers, screwdrivers, side cutters, scissors for Kevlar, as well as a pump or bottle for alcohol.

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Fiber Optic Splice Closures and Optical Cross Connects

There are many designs for fiber optic splice closures. The most widespread and most often used design has a dome-like container from which cable bushing sleeves are sticking out.

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Optical Fiber Adapters and Connectors

In this article, you will learn about adapters and connectors used in FO cables. Optical cross connect cases are characterized by the adapters used (or if we put it simply – optical sockets).

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Mechanical Splicing and Optical Fiber Fusion Splicing, Measuring and Aligning Fibers

Arc fusion splicer is one of the most costly and complex fiber optic installation tools. This is a smart device, which performs the entire process of fiber alignment and splicing.

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Fiber Optic Precision Cleavers

A cleaver is a mechanical precision device whose task is to cleave the end of an optical fiber so that the cleavage surface was as flat as possible and if possible at 90 degrees angle to the fiber itself.

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Mechanical Fiber Optic Splicing

Initially, mechanical optical fiber splicing used to be seen as a cheaper alternative to fusion splicing. Let’s have a look at advantages and disadvantages of this method.

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Optical Fiber Preparation

Earlier articles dealt with cable termination, wiping fibers, preparing FO splice closures (or ODFs) and pulling the cable into them. We continue installation and need to do something important before the fusion.

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Optical Fiber Fusion Splicing

This is the most high-tech part of your work. Fusion splicing usually takes a little less time than previous steps – cable termination, splice closure / ODF preparation, and fiber preparation.

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Optical Testers and OTDRs

A review of the most popular Optical Testers and Optical Time Domain Reflectometers – one of the most important tools in fiber optic network installation and maintenance process.

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Fiber Optic Measurements, OTDR Trace Recording and Analysis

Fiber network installation requires recording and analyzing the OTDR trace. OTDR trace is a .sor, .trc, or other format file containing a graph with the data about the measured duct.

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Fiber Optic Measurements, OTDR Trace Recording and Analysis (Part 2)

The next part of the article concerning OTDR trace recording and analysis. Let us consider in detail measuring kilometric attenuation by a reflectometer.

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Fiber Optic OTDR Launch Cable Box

We need an OTDR Launch Cable Box in order to better see the beginning of the FO line. More precisely – in order to assess signal loss on the patch cord, socket and cross-connect of the near end of the FO line.

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