This section contains answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ), which can be useful for clients of ToolBoom. If you didn't find the answer you're looking for, please contact us by e-mail or visit our sales chat.


  • Can I pay using bank transfer?

    You can only pay to the company account in Hong Kong. To do this, when you make the order, select a payment method Bank Transfer. Please note that all fees and other obligatory payments are payable by the client. We cannot provide information about the bank fee, as it depends on the destination country, your bank, your order total amount, etc. In case of payment refund, the bank fee compensation is not possible; we bear no responsibility for that. To get more detailed information, visit our payment page.

  • How can I pay for an order to get the minimum fee?

    Usually, the minimum fee is obtained by choosing payment via Bank Transfer, although in this case the fee is also depends on the bank where the payment is made, and the amount of money order. Please note that all fees and other obligatory payments are payable by the client.

  • Can I pay on delivery?

    No. All of our orders are shipped only after full payment has been received.

  • How do I pay for my order?

    When placing an order you can choose the most appropriate payment method from the list offered on the site. To get more detailed information, visit our payment page.


  • Do you pay the customs clearance fee?

    Payment of all required fees for customs clearance of goods must be carried by the customer. Before purchasing check the information about the rules of clearing the goods for your country.

  • What are the shipping costs?

    Shipping costs are based on the weight of the package and the selected shipping company. Ordering system will automatically calculate the shipping cost, but you can also use the calculator on the page of the product. To get more detailed information, please visit our shipping page.

  • How long will it take to deliver a package to my town?

    Delivery time depends on the chosen shipping company and the distance. For example, delivery by EMS takes 7-14 days, and Hongkong Post - 14-60 days.

  • What shipping companies are used to send orders?

    When placing an order system will ask you to select the most appropriate method of shipping. You can also find a list of delivery services on our shipping page.

  • What to do when the shipping company lost the package?

    Our company is not responsible or liable if the package is shipped back to us, damaged or confiscated due to problems with custom clearance. Therefore, please check with your country's custom policies before placing an order.

    Our company is not responsible or liable for damaged packages or those shipped back to us in the event that the designated courier service failed to deliver your package(s) to the given destination address after several attempts (due to your absence).

    If the customer receives package with damaged items, s/he shall do the following:

    • report the damage to the delivery company and make photos of damaged items/package;
    • make a claim against the delivery company for the damaged items/package for the same amount as declared in the invoice;
    • refuse to pay delivery cost;
    • request delivery company to send back and resend the goods free of charge.

    Please, take into consideration that seller's responsibility ceases when the product has been shipped off to the address specified by the customer.

    Our warranty does not cover risks of product(s) damage or loss within the responsibility of delivery company. Therefore, please check the parcel right upon receipt and compare the content with the packing list in the presence of the courier. Our company is not responsible or liable for any faults discovered after you have accepted the parcel. If your package is lost by the delivery company, you should claim against them directly. However, take into consideration that they will compensate for the lost products only within the amount at risk indicated in the invoice according to your request.

    IMPORTANT: compensation will not be paid off if you choose Hongkong Post. As well as EMS if sent to the following countries: Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, please read carefully the refund policies on the websites of the relevant delivery companies.

  • How can I track my order?

    It is possible to track your order on the shipping company’s website using the tracking number. To clarify this information, contact your sales manager.

  • Is it possible to pickup my item(s) locally?

    No. We ship the orders directly from the international warehouse in Hong Kong, thus offering competitive prices.


  • Can you guarantee that you will send the order after payment?

    Our company has been selling tools and equipment for a long time, so we can guarantee that you will be satisfied not only with the selection of our store, but also with the buying process, which starts from the moment you come to our website and have started the process of selection, and ending with the order delivery.

  • Do you provide warranty on sold products?

    Warranty period depends on the product category. For equipment warranty period is specified on the product page. To get more detailed information, please visit our warranty page.


  • How can I register on your web site?

    Please visit our registration page (or press Register in upper right corner of the page) and fill in the form: your e-mail, last and first name, and password. Then press the button Register. Please note that during the registration process you’ll be asked to verify your e-mail address. Confirmation letter will be sent to your e-mail address, and all you need to do is click the link in the e-mail.

  • I have problems with login on the web site. What should I do?

    If you cannot login on our web site and the login and password are correct, please e-mail us, describe the problem indicating the exact page where the problem appeared.


  • If the "Buy" button is not active, how to find out when the product will be available?

    If the item is not in stock, the "Buy" button is not active. In this case, it is possible to pre-order. Our sales manager will contact you when your item will become available.

  • What is My Subscriptions for?

    Registered users can subscribe to our free newsletters based on the chosen product groups which are available on the "Registration Completed" page, after the e-mail confirmation. These options are also available on "My Subscriptions" page in the user's personal account.

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