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AOYUE 2702A+ Lead Free Compatible Repairing System

All service centre owners have to deal with the problem of workspace conservation. Just a glance at any repairman’s workbench confirms it. Some things are inevitably there: measuring equipment (multi-meters, oscilloscopes, etc.), a power supply unit, and soldering equipment. The soldering equipment often takes up most of the space. Modern repairs require a hot air gun, a soldering iron, and a desoldering gun for DIP cases. Of all premium equipment manufacturers only HAKKO offers complex solutions. These complex systems are quite expensive and few service centers, let alone private repairmen, can afford them. That is why so much attention is focused on repair stations that resemble HAKKO but are made by Chinese manufacturers. It’s worth mentioning that they use Japanese heaters, so Japanese tips and other supplies can be used. One of such manufacturers is AOYUE.

Toolboom web store presents AOYUE 2702A+ lead-free hot air repairing system. Our technical specialists have put together a short description and several recommendations regarding the station’s operation and maintenance, taking into consideration its multi-functionality and peculiarities.

Why would one need a powerful soldering station? Well, most electronics manufacturers a switching to lead-free production. There are two main reasons for this transition: the adverse effects of lead on health, and rising thermal overload of electronic components. The AOYUE 2702A+ hot air soldering station with microprocessor control is a suitable solution for lead-free flux soldering.

AOYUE 2702A+ Lead Free Soldering Station Technical Specifications

Main Station
Power Input 220V
Station Dimensions, mm 188 × 126 × 250
Weight, kg 5.6
Soldering Iron
Power Consumption 70W
Temperature Range 250-480ºC
Heating Element Ceramic Heater
Output Voltage 24V
Hot Air Gun
Power Consumption 500W
Temperature Range 100-480ºC
Heating Element Metal Heating Core
Pump/Motor Type Diaphragm Pump
Air Capacity 23l/min (max)
Desoldering Gun
Temperature Range 380-480ºC
Heating Element Ceramic Heater
Output Voltage 24V
Suction Flow 15l/min (max)
Vacuum Generator Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Pressure 600mmHg

AOYUE 2702A+ Lead Free Soldering Station Package Contents

When you unpack your brand-new AOYUE 2702A+ soldering station for the first time, you will notice the generous package. When doing repairs, it is important to have everything necessary at hand. And the manufacturers have gone an extra mile to help you with that.

AOYUE 2702A+ Lead Free Soldering Station Package Content
AOYUE 2702A+ Lead Free Soldering Station Package Content

This very compact package indeed contains everything necessary. And it’s not only the main components of the soldering station. There are desoldering gun tips, nozzle cleaning instruments, and a heater element for the hot air gun.

AOYUE 2702A+ Lead Free Soldering Station Package Content

Package contains:

  • Main station with hot air gun
  • Air nozzles (1124,1130,1197, 1313, 1919)
  • Hot air gun holder
  • Soldering Iron with smoke absorber
  • Soldering iron holder with solder wire stand
  • Tip with heater cartridge
  • Nozzle cleaning pin
  • Desoldering gun
  • Filter spring
  • Filter packs (6pcs.)
  • Silicone grease
  • Vacuum suction pen and G001 IC popper
  • Power cord
AOYUE 2702A+ Lead Free Soldering Station

The AOYUE 2703A+ control panel may seem too overloaded with controls, in contrast with other soldering stations. But in practice it turns out to be very convenient. And it is easy to get used to.

Controlling AOYUE 2703A+ soldering station is very simple. The temperature of the soldering iron and the hot air gun, as well as air capacity, are indicated on the screen and can be adjusted with appropriate buttons. This is very convenient for setting a constant temperature for your soldering and desoldering operations. The smoke absorber is initiated by a separate button.

Air capacity is also measured with a small ball suspended in the air-conducting channel, which has its own scale. But this indication is optional. Constant rattling of the ball is somewhat distracting.

The hot air gun holder and desoldering gun holder are attached to the main station. Another noteworthy feature is automatic compressor shutdown if the air gun is left in its holder for more than 3 minutes.

The main station’s casing is durable and robust. You will understand it as soon as you try to disassemble it. But although it is quite difficult to disassemble it (probably to prevent unsanctioned ?unlicensesed? repairs), everything inside is made with care.

The wires are bundled together. The air pump is installed on rubber tabs, which significantly decreases the amount of vibration passed on to the main station casing. The pump is fastened with a screw for transportation. Remove the screw before operation.

AOYUE 2702A+ Lead Free Soldering Station

AOYUE 2702A+ Lead Free Soldering Station Hot Air Gun

Assembling and disassembling electric elements of different shapes and sizes can be easily done using a hot air gun with an appropriate nozzle. Six nozzles come in the AOYUE 2703A+ package (three square and three round nozzles), but a wider selection is available. The AOYUE 2703A+ repairing system is compatible with other AOYUE hot air gun nozzles. A wide selection of nozzles of different forms can be found at our Toolboom Online Store. The fastening mechanism is not as simple as provided by other manufacturers, but it’s very reliable.

 AOYUE 2702A+ Lead Free Soldering Station Hot Air Gun Nozzles

AOYUE 2702A+ Lead Free Station Soldering Iron

The soldering iron of the repair station comes with a smoke absorber. This is very practical, as the flux smoke doesn’t spread around the room, and the soldered element stays visible, when small components are soldered under a microscope. You can adjust the smoke absorber airflow with a button on the main console.

AOYUE 2702A+ Lead Free Station Soldering Iron

Now to the iron itself. The plug that connects the iron to the main station’s module is fastened with a screw nut and looks reliable. The soldering tip comes assembled with a ceramic heater and has high thermal inertia. The 70Wt power supply heats it to operational temperature in just a few seconds.

AOYUE 2702A+ Lead Free Station Soldering Iron

As the melting point of lead-free fluxes is higher then that of lead ones, soldering tip temperature must be increased, which shortens the lifespan of traditional tips. That is why you should use tips, designed specifically for Pb-free soldering. This soldering station is compatible with AOYUE LF-series tips.

AOYUE 2702A+ Lead Free Station Soldering Iron

Inserting or changing the tip is very easy, even in the middle of soldering operations. A heat-resistant rubber tab is provided specifically for this purpose. Just make sure that the tip is inserted all the way down.

AOYUE 2702A+ Lead Free Soldering Station Desoldering Gun

AOYUE 2702A+ Lead Free Station Soldering Iron

The name of this device is self explanatory. It is used for desoldering electronic elements and sucking in the flux.

AOYUE 2702A+ Lead Free Station Soldering Iron

The gun is very practical. It simplifies the desoldering process and leaves a clean space for a new element to be mounted. The gun’s design is more complex than that of other tools. You should clean its nozzles after each use. You should also change the filter after prolonged use. Everything necessary is included in the package.

Assembling and disassembling the device is of no difficulty. The desoldering gun is plugged into the same socket as the soldering iron. You only need to change the air filter.


The overall impression from working with AOYUE 2703A+ soldering station is good. Practically everything you need is included with this station and can compactly be placed on the working desk. The station’s versatility and reliability made it popular. In comparison with cheaper soldering stations, this one makes up a whole equipment complex. The quality vs. price ratio is good. We recommend it!

Toolboom Team

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