Fusion Splicer Ilsintech Swift S5

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Fusion Splicer Ilsintech Swift S5
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110, 220 V Warranty: 12 months
Fusion splicer for SM, MM, DS, NZDS fibers. Splice time: 9 sec., heating time: 20-26 sec. Read more
USD 7700.00
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USD 7700.00
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Ilsintech Swift S5 Fusion Splicer is an automatic fusion splicer for optic fiber. It is the most compact, lightweight and fast in its class. Ilsintech Swift S5 is capable of ensuring high-quality splicing even in the most unfavorable environment conditions.

Ilsintech Swift S5 Fusion Splicer Features

  • 4.3-inch two-position color display.
  • Heating tube allows heating two sleeves simultaneously, which increases operation speed by 20%.
  • 250 splicing/heating cycles at battery operation.
  • User-friendly menu.
  • High-quality operation under wind and rain, dust and water protection.
  • Stress-resistance.
  • Compact dimensions and light weight.

Ilsintech Swift S5 Fusion Splicer Technical Specifications

Alignment method IPAS core-to-core alignment (Image Pattern Analysis Alignment System) 
Applicable Fibers SM (ITU-T G.652, ITU-T G.657),
MM (ITU-T G.651),
DS (ITU-T G.653),
NZDS (ITU-T G.655),
EDFA, EI980, different types (SM/MM)
Coating 80 ~ 150 µm
Buffer covering 100 ~ 1000 µm
Fiber Cleave Length 8 ~ 16 mm – for fiber in buffer covering 250 µm
16 mm – for fiber in buffer covering 900 µm
Average Splice Loss SM: 0.02 dB, MM: 0.01 dB, DS: 0.04 dB, NZDS: 0.04 dB
Return loss < 60 dB
Splicing and heating time (typical) 9 sec for SM fiber
20 ~ 26 sec with sleeve heating with S-160 (60 mm)
Programs splice mode: 100 modes
heating tube: 50 modes
Internal Memory last 2000 results (100 images)
General Characteristics
Interface USB, RCA, ext. power
Power Supply battery (7700 mAh) 14.8 V
power adapter  ~100-240 V
Additional Power Supply DC power supply 12 V and from cigarette lighter
Battery splice/heat cycles 320 cycles (lithium-polymer battery)
Electrode lifetime > 2000 operations
Mechanical Tension Test 2.0 N or 4.4 N
Display 2 CMOS cameras / 4.3'' color LCD touchscreen
Fiber display and magnification for X & Y view: 300X
for XY view: 170X
Operation & Storage
Operation Altitude 0 ~ 5000 m
Operation Conditions from –10 to +50°C @ RH up to 95%
Storage Conditions from –40 to +80°C @ RH up to 95%
Protection Systems wind protection up to 15 m/s
protection from rain, dust, stress
Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions  (w × l × h) 140 × 225 × 125 mm (including display)
Weight 2.95 kg (with battery)

Ilsintech Swift S5 Fusion Splicer Package Contents

  • Fusion Splicer with Auto Stripper, Cleaner unit, and Cleaver (1 pc.)
  • Power adapter (1 pc.)
  • Sleeve loader (2 pcs.)
  • Spare electrodes (1 set)
  • Battery (1 set)
  • Carrying Case (1 pc.)
  • Manual (1 pc.)

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