Hot Air Soldering Station AOYUE 908+ (110 V)

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Hot Air Soldering Station AOYUE 908+ (110 V)
USD 135.00
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6.5 kg 110 V Warranty: 12 months
Expansible hot air gun holder with adjustable slope angle. Diaphragm pump. Automatic cooling. PTC heating element Read more
USD 135.00
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USD 135.00
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Accta 301 offers compact design, temperature display, hot air gun auto switch-off, 50 W soldering iron, 350 W hot air gun, soldering iron and hot air gun temperature range: 80-480°C.
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ID: 4061 2.75 kg 110
Hot air soldering station AOYUE-908+ enables efficiently support of the distance between the plate and the hot air gun nozzle, thanks to that ensures stable mode and repetition of soldering and desoldering. Analog control of hot air gun temperature/airflow and soldering iron temperature. Soldering iron with “antistatic” function, high-speed heating. Meant for mobile phones repairing, PCB, plastic plugs, metallic coverings, BGA, IC etc.    


  1. Soldering iron and hot air gun can be adjusted unrelated with one another.
  2. Hot air gun holder is expansible with adjustable hot air gun slope angle. Fixed on the stand and placed inside the station.   
  3. Station is equipped with reliable diaphragm pump.
  4. Automatic cooling is provided for hot air gun heating element protection after station shutdown.
  5. Base package includes 4 replaceable hot air gun nozzles (1124, 1130, 1196, and 1197) and mechanical vacuum pickup.
  6. Antistatic station performance enables to work with static-sensitive components. 
  7. 5 A fuse is on back panel of the station. 

Technical Specifications

Station AOYUE-908+
Temperature range, °C 100 to 500
Soldering iron temperature adjustment Analog, smooth
Hot air gun temperature adjustment Analog, smooth
Airflow adjustment Analog, smooth
Power consumption 250 W (max.)
Operating voltage   110 V
Airflow 24 l/min (max.)
Pump 803 (diaphragm)
Dimensions (L × W × H), mm 187 × 128 × 246
Soldering iron plug 5-pins
Nozzles 1124, 1130, 1196, 1197
Hot Air Gun AOYUE-908+
Heating element 10093, (2-digits, with concertina wire)
Nozzle diameter 21,5 mm
Airflow Linear
Soldering Iron AOYUE-908+
Model 10087
Temperature range,°C 200 to 480
Resistance between grounding and nozzle 2 Ω
Potential between grounding and nozzle 2 mV
Operating voltage 24 V
Power 60 W
Heating element Hakko 003 (4-pins, semi-conducting ceramics)
Packed with standard bit Aoyue-I
Total length (without cable) 190 mm

Package Contents

  • Soldering station Aoyue -908+ – 1 pc.
  • Hot air gun  – 1 pc.
  • Z003 Adjustable hot air gun holder - 1 pc.
  • 10087 Soldering iron  – 1 pc.
  • 2630 Soldering iron stand – 1 pc.
  • Nozzles – 4 pcs.
    • 1124
    • 1130
    • 1196
    • 1197
  • 939 Mechanical vacuum pickup – 1 pc.
  • Power cable, 1m – 1 pc.
  • Manual - 1 pc.
  • Packing box with foam protective frame - 1 pc.

Compatible Soldering Tips

Pump type
  • compressor
Design type
  • Desktop
Vacuum pick-up tool
  • Non-available
Desoldering Pump
  • Non-available
Power Supply
  • Non-available
Hot Air Gun Power
  • 450 W
Desoldering Gun
  • Non-available
Soldering Iron Power
  • 60 W

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